I. Introduction

2B3D Inc is proud to introduce StormRiders, an ActionVerse that brings the excitement and thrill of action sports into the digital world. In a world where physical experiences are increasingly limited, StormRiders offers an immersive and dynamic environment for players to engage with.

ActionVerse is a new term that we are using to describe the metaverse specifically designed for action sports enthusiasts. We believe that this term better reflects the high-energy, adrenaline-fueled world of action sports that StormRiders aims to recreate.

At the heart of StormRiders is a clear and compelling purpose: to bring the thrill of action sports to a worldwide audience and foster connections between people in innovative ways. We achieve this through the use of advanced technologies like Unreal Engine and Pixel Streaming, which provide an immersive and seamless experience. The end result is an ActionVerse that merges play-to-earn gaming, NFTs, and e-commerce to forge a new digital economy.

In this whitepaper, we will delve deeper into the markets of Play-to-Earn, Metaverses (or ActionVerses), Web3 and Video Games. We will explore the technology behind the ActionVerse, including the devices and platforms that it supports. We will also outline the tokenomics of our company crypto coin, 2B3D, as well as our in-game crypto token, SCRIP coin. Finally, we will discuss our financial projections, timeline of development, and MedQuest our in-game medical module.

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