VI. Development Time

While the development of a modern MMORPG/Metaverse can take several years, StormRiders plans to have an open beta phase around 1.5 to 2 years into the development process. This will allow players to experience the game and provide feedback to shape the game's direction during development. This approach is similar to many other games available on platforms like Steam, which have early access programs that allow players to try the game in development and provide feedback.

The beta phase of StormRiders will not only allow players to help shape the game but also help to generate hype and interest in the game prior to its official release. This can be an effective strategy for building a strong community around the game and attracting a dedicated player base from early on.

It is worth noting that the development cycle for a game like StormRiders can vary depending on various factors, including the size of the development team, the scope of the game, and the complexity of the technology used. However, the open beta phase can be a crucial step in the development process to ensure that the game is well-received and successful upon release.

Completed Milestones

Pic of Rooms here: Homeroom, 1940's Room, GameRoom, StormRiders (In a row)

  • 2020: Concept and idea for MedQuest/Metaverse - Development begins

  • Q1 2021: Website v1

  • Q2 2021: Homeroom concepts in Unreal 4 VR

    • Game Homeroom

    • Sci-fi Homeroom

    • 1940's Homeroom

  • Q3 2021: NFT web marketplace prototype and 3D NFTs created

  • Q4 2021: Website v2 and VRx video

  • Q1 2022: Homeroom V2 Concept

  • Q2 2022: Homeroom V2 Unreal 5

  • Q3 2022: NFT 2B3D Coin – Metaverse Access Drop

  • Q4 2022: StormRiders/ActionVerse Concept and Documentation

  • Q1 2023: StormRiders Concept Demo in Unreal 5

  • Q2 2023: Website v3


Q4 2024: Beta Release of StormRiders The ActionVerse on Steam, Epic Stores

Q1 2025: Release of Beta Download P2E Version on and Web3 gaming markets

Q4 2025: Pixel Streaming release of StormRiders The ActionVerse

Note: The development cycle for a game like StormRiders is influenced by several factors, such as the size of the development team, the game's scope, and the complexity of the technology used. Additionally, UDC drops will occur each month from Pro Athletes, which will help with marketing the game. Some of these UDC drops will enable players to join StormRiders during the Alpha development phase.

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