VII. About 2B3D Inc

2B3D Inc is a technology company based in Newport Beach, California. The company was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the action sports industry. One of the founders of 2B3D is also the creator of 5150 Snowboards, a company that has been a mainstay in the industry for over two decades. In addition to his success in the snowboarding industry, he holds a Master's degree in Game Design from Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD). His thesis game, Super Nova, was accepted into the USC AGP program, where he attended a USC masters class for a year and was given a team of coders to create the game demo. The game demo went on to win third place at the 2018 IEEE GameSIG Intercollegiate Computer Game showcase.

Another founder of 2B3D was previously the head of sports marketing at Oakley, where they oversaw the company's partnerships with athletes and events across multiple action sports disciplines. With a passion for action sports and cutting-edge technology, the team at 2B3D is dedicated to creating engaging experiences for users across multiple platforms, from PC and console gaming to virtual reality and beyond.

2B3D's MedQuest platform aims to revolutionize healthcare by leveraging virtual reality technology to provide a more accessible and affordable alternative to traditional medical care. One of the company's co-founders has a background in both crypto finance and medical network management, with extensive experience in developing cutting-edge solutions for these industries. Additionally, another co-founder served as a combat medic (68W) in the military and earned combat awards such as the Combat Medic Badge (CMB). Their frustration with the current healthcare system's inability to provide adequate mental health services for veterans was a significant driving force behind the creation of MedQuest. With MedQuest, patients can access mental health services more easily and effectively, using gaming technology to supplement traditional therapies and support networks

In conclusion, 2B3D Inc's founders bring a wealth of experience from the action sports, medical, crypto finance, web3, and video game industries, and are committed to delivering innovative and disruptive solutions to these diverse fields. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, web3, and virtual reality, the company aims to disrupt the gaming and healthcare industries. Through its flagship game, StormRiders the ActionVerse, 2B3D seeks to offer a unique gaming experience that is both immersive and rewarding, while also creating opportunities for players to earn real-world value through play-to-earn mechanics. By building strong communities of players, healthcare professionals, and blockchain enthusiasts, 2B3D is also working to create a brighter future for finance and beyond, and to help drive the evolution of the metaverse ActionVerse.

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