2B3D Whitepaper

The 2B3D Metaverse

Creating a Decentralized Metaverse for Games, Healing and Community Building

2B3D was founded in 2016 with the vision to bring the real world into one, unified cyber world – the 2B3D Metaverse

2B3D Metaverse: Social, decentralized, and realistic 3D worlds

1. Unified gaming and community hub

2B3D connects to other decentralized games and worlds, creating a unified world where players can explore, interact with people, play games and participate in community activities.

2. High resolution worlds developed on Unreal Engine 5

Bringing high resolution 3D setting to players using blockchain technology and the new Unreal Engine 5.
Unreal Engine is the world's most open and advanced real-time 3D creation platform for photo-realistic visuals and immersive experiences.

3. Blockchain & decentralized

2B3D uses blockchain technology for its platform and all data, homerooms, and NFTs will be secured.
A secured 3D NFT vault will be attached to all personal homerooms.

Key unique elements of the 2B3D Metaverse

Play to Earn game - So Many Gods

2B3D is developing an original Play-to-Earn NFT-based Looter-Shooter Game where players earn NFTy Token while they quest, craft, explore, or fight. Premium membership will also be offered for unlocking of quests in the game.

NFT platform - NFTy 150

2B3D has developed an NFT platform (NFTy-150), which consists of NFT minting service, NFT auction houses, and NFT secure storage system, allowing players to store all NFT collectibles in one location.

Virtual hospital - VRx

2B3D will also feature a portal to real-world professional health networks – VRx – where players can meet doctors for initial VR consults and blockchain prescriptions.

VR meetings rooms and metaverse community - Rest XP

Rest XP is the 2B3D metaverse community, your personal homerooms, where business meetings can be held, and all the connected So Many Gods cities.

VR arcade and game marketplace - Topher's Inferno

All major 2B3D metaverse cities will also have the Topher’s Inferno arcade where users can play arcade games, other decentralized games on the Unreal Engine and join co-op quests with friends.