Non-Fungible Tokens

2B3D Will Also Tap on the Recent Emergence of NFTs, an Enabler of True Digital Ownership in Games and Cross-World Asset Utility

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Sales Volume Grew ~182x YoY to US$2.5 Billion in 1H2021

Quarterly NFT Sales Volume Across Multiple Blockchains (1)

  • Sales volumes have remained high after NFTs exploded in popularity at the start of 2021
  • Industry growth is expected to continue, driven by the rising demand for blockchain games, and digital shift accelerated by Covid-19, with NFTs also providing a new secured model of creative monetization for artists
  • Several noteworthy NFT sales helped to raise the awareness of NFTs in 2021
  • Google Trends data showed relative all-time popularity for the search term ‘non-fungible token’ rising from 0 in November and December to 30 in February and 100 in March 2021

Noteworthy High-Value NFT Sales in 2021

US $69,346,250

Record-breaking figure paid for ‘The First 5,000 Days’, a digital artwork by Beeple

US $2,915,835

Paid for the first tweet sent by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey through an auction

US $1,500,000

Price of nine ‘plots of land’ sold in a bundle within the blockchain game Axie Infinity.
Note: (1) DappRadar tracks on-chain NFT sales across multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Flow, Wax, and BSC.
Source: Reuters, DappRadar, Invezz and Newzoo
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