NFT Platform

NFTy-150: NFT Platform

NTFy-150 Features

NFT Minting Network

Mint art pieces and upload it to NFTy-150 auction houses. Minting fees will be free up front and charged as % of auction transaction fees.

NFT Storage & Vault

Store all collectibles in a single location using the secured NFT vault, which is a default piece of all 2B3D 3D homerooms.

NFT Auction Houses

View NFT 3D auctions in real time at NFTy-150 auction houses using the Unreal Engine 5 on PC or Mobile in a game-like experience.

NFT Galleries

View personal NFT collectibles / friends’ collectibles / art galleries in the app interface or in the 2B3D decentralized worlds using VR, AR, PC, or Mobile.

2B3D App with NFTy-150 Collectibles

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