2B3D Whitepaper

NFT Platform

2B3D will tap on the recent emergence of NFTs, a high-growth market with sales volume exceeding US$10B in 3Q 2021

Non-fungible token (NFT) sales volume exceeded US$10B in 3Q2021, growing over 8x from previous quarter

Quarterly NFT sales volume across multiple blockchains (1)

  • NFT is a new type of digital asset that uses blockchain to record the ownership of digital items such as land in virtual worlds. images, videos, and collectibles. Owners can “mint” NFTs on platforms such as Mintable and OpenSea, which also serve as NFT marketplaces, and the tokens are written onto a blockchain, usually Ethereum
  • Sales volumes of NFTs have reached a new high in 3Q 2021 after NFTs exploded in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Gaming-related NFTs surged, with the blockchain-based game Axie Infinity leading the "play-to-earn" sector with US$776 million in 3Q 2021 revenues
  • Industry growth is expected to continue, driven by the rising demand for blockchain games, and digital shift accelerated by Covid-19, with NFTs also providing a new secured model of creative monetization for artists

Noteworthy high-value NFT sales in 2021

US $69,346,250

Record-breaking figure paid for ‘The First 5,000 Days’, a digital artwork by Beeple

US $2,915,835

Paid for the first tweet sent by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey through an auction

US $1,500,000

Price of nine ‘plots of land’ sold in a bundle within the blockchain game Axie Infinity.

NFTs expected to spur vast new economic growth, including within virtual metaverses, and become the new norm for ownership

Growing number of NFT use cases

1. NFTs as visual art

Visual arts brought NFTs into mainstream awareness.
With NFT smart contracts, an artist can sell a piece directly to a buyer (and blockchain-confirmed non-fungibility assures the buyer of unique ownership) and also obtain a royalty percentage of all subsequent resales.
The smart contract handles these operations automatically, and this dramatically lowers the risk of fraud and theft.

2. NFTs in gaming

One of today’s hottest NFT-driven games is Axie Infinity. The game’s Small Love Potion ($SLP) tokens function as currency for breeding Axies and trade outside the game on global exchanges.
Axie Infinity players can earn several hundred U.S. dollars per month through $SLP farming, potentially earning more through gaming than the wages of college graduates in developing countries.

3. NFTs in music and writing

NFTs now offer a chance for artists to connect directly with users and offer novel value in ways not practical or possible with conventional crowdfunding. The Kings of Leon were the first band to release an NFT album across three token types, one of which gives the owner front row seats at live shows for life.
For authors, NFTs offer piracy resistance and a chance for new monetization opportunities, especially ongoing residual revenue via the resale market.

4. NFTs for fun and collectability

Users can buy and trade video highlights called “moments” as NFTs; NBA Top Shot, created by Dapper Labs has become one of the most recognizable brands in NFTs, amassing over $700m in sales in under one year.
NFT clothing is also rising quickly in popularity as people seek status and fashion for their metaverse personae. Nike pioneered this concept with its 2019 patent for CryptoKicks, which links a digital asset to a unique physical pair of sneakers.

5. NFTs meet real estate

Metaverses are created with rules, including how much land exists and how that land is situated within the world.
Digital land in the metaverse can be subdivided, with each piece sold or perhaps leased as its own NFT.
In June 2021, digital real estate investment firm Republic Realm paid over $913,000 for a key plot (sold as an NFT) in the Decentraland metaverse.

2B3D's NFT platform: NFTy 150

NFTy 150 is an immersive collectible platform enabled by blockchain that will be part of the 2B3D metaverse

Room No. NFTy 150 is the metaverse VR NFT rooms and galleries. NFTs bought from room number NFTy 150 will have special actions and unlocks to the 2B3D metaverse and homerooms. There will also be a NFT marketplace via our web interface at nfty150.2b3d.com.

Key features of NFTy 150

NFT minting network

Users can mint art pieces and upload it to NFTy-150 auction houses. Minting fees will be free up front and charged as % of auction transaction fees

NFT storage & vault

Users can store all their collectibles in a single location using the secured NFT vault, which is a default piece of all 2B3D 3D homerooms.

NFT auction houses

Users can view NFT 3D auctions in real time at NFTy-150 auction houses using the Unreal Engine 5 on PC or Mobile in a game-like experience.

NFT galleries

Users can view personal NFT collectibles / friends’ collectibles / art galleries in the app interface or in the 2B3D decentralized worlds using VR, AR, PC, or Mobile.
Note: (1) DappRadar tracks on-chain NFT sales across multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Flow, Wax, and BSC.
Source: Reuters, DappRadar, Invezz, Newzoo, and Subspace