Gaming Industry

2B3D Is Tapping Into the Massive US$300B Gaming Industry Which Is Seeing Ongoing Rapid Expansion

Global Gaming Industry Exceeded US$300B in 2021, With 2.7B Gamers Worldwide

Global Gaming Industry Size

Key Growth Drivers

Widespread Adoption of Smartphones Globally Bringing In New Players

  • Global smartphone penetration rate exceeded ~78% in 2020 and widespread adoption of smartphones is bringing in new players to the gaming world; and mobile will continue to enable new opportunities within gaming
  • 400m new gamers expected within the next few years

Growth of Games as Social Media

  • Social aspect is an increasingly key aspect to gamers’ overall experiences; according to a survey by Accenture, 84% of respondents felt that video games help them connect with people who share their interests
  • Gaming industry has adapted by increasingly emphasizing gaming’s social dimension and developing games-as-a-platform, driving new levels of engagement and revenue streams

Covid-19 Accelerated Demand

  • Covid-19 has further driven demand for online gaming for social interactions, immersive experiences for escapism, and collaborative working in virtual environments which also drives further adoption of VR
Source: Accenture, Statista
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